• Gerald Hogg Author

Why choose Thailand as your home in retirement?

This is my first blog so please bare with me as being of a certain age I am computer semi-illiterate but I am learning everyday. This blog is aimed at retirees or baby boomers who may be considering retiring to a country where your pension dollar will stretch much further than it does in your home country. There are many countries to choose from the most popular being:

According to The International Living Magazine the ten most popular counties in no particular order as it will depend on your preferences and financial situation, are

  • Thailand

  • Malaysia

  • Vietnam

  • Bali

  • Cambodia

  • Spain

  • Portugal

  • Costa Rica

  • Belize

  • Panama

Which begs the question, why choose Thailand?

When my marriage broke up around the time I retired Thailand was a no brainer for me, with its wonderful climate, excellent modern medical facilities and a low cost of living the Kingdom of Thailand ticked most of the boxes that I as looking for as a retirement destination.